We provide business development services for startups – MSMEs and public and private organizations in industries such as; Agro – allied [food processing and packaging, integrated live-stock poultry, cash crops and aqua –culture value-chain development], oil and gas, manufacturing, bottled and sachet water production, e.tc. , ranging from;

  • Business intelligence [feasibility: analyzing and encoding data]
  • Bankable business plan
  • Investments advise regarding government policy directions and appropriate financial service provider
  • Repositioning enterprise to qualify to accessing government interventions and financing
  • Grants proposal and facilitation
  • Seminars and workshops for active-poor young people on how to organize their brilliant ideas
  • Reskilling and retooling services for fresh graduates to meeting industrial personnel expectations especially in ICT, etc. 
  • Human resource recruitment services


Our Services

Through our multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals, we set out to offer wide range of services such as; feasibility surveys for bankable business plans for enterprises in different ventures, human capital recruitment services, infrastructure/web design, suppliers of sports equipment/materials e.t.c. This bankable business plans enable our clients to access the numerous funds or grants earmarked for individual businesses. We provide follow-up services, to ensure that our clients got the desired result.

We believe, however, that employees also should be equipped with the necessary skills required to achieve high performance. Hence, we provide a variety of courses that clients can select from to meet these various needs. We work with employees at all levels including CEOs, senior executives, line managers and support staff. 

Boot Resources Nigeria Limited brings cognate experience and professionalism to bear in the effective and efficient delivery of services, with the aim of impacting on the society through its variety of services in industries such as sports, manufacturing, academia, agriculture, corporate e.t.c. The company also holds a marketing concern in Nigeria for Basic-Net Italia, a sports gear manufacturing concern based in Italy. 

Other services include:

  • Media Marketing
  • Human Resource Recruitment 
  • Business Plan Development Services
  • Project Management
  • Web Design
  • Staff/Personnel Training
  • Sports Programme Design and Management for Academic Institutions
  • Sports Events Management for Public and Private Concerns 
  • Psychological Management Services for Athletes and Clubs
  • Supply of Sports Equipment and Materials.